A logo for the Community Summit, featuring a mostly green illustration of the state of Washington with trees, and Mount Rainier and houses and the words “Community Summit: Create, Collaborate & Communicate.”

Register now for the 10th annual Community Summit


Registration has opened for DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration’s 10th annual Community Summit, which launches virtually on May 5.

“DDA and the Community Summit are proud to welcome Lateef McLeod and DJ Savarese to open this year’s conference,” said Ronald Bryan, DDA’s Roads to Community Living Program and a co-chair of the Community Summit steering committee. “Lateef and DJ are speakers, authors and activists who share their stories through their writing and poetry. We’ve never featured a co-hosted keynote message, and we are excited to feature these two men whose work and activism challenge stereotypes and encourage us to reimagine true inclusion in our communities.”

Meet the keynote speakers of the 2022 Community Summit.

The Community Summit is an annual event which brings together individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, self-advocates, families, friends and allies to discuss building inclusive communities where all people can live the life they want to live.

The Community Summit features presentations on topics such as self-advocacy, assistive technology, policies and programs that impact our communities and build person-centered systems that address the needs of individuals with respect and dignity.

Learn more about the Community Summit in this video by Debbie Roberts, DSHS Assitant Secretary for DDA.

The 2022 Community Summit will present livestreamed virtual conference sessions on a weekly basis, beginning May 5 and running through June 16. Registration is free of charge. Reserve your spot today.

We look forward to seeing you at the Community Summit!