Rainier School keeps clients safe and helps stop spread of COVID-19

DSHS’ Rainier School in Buckley, a residential habilitation center for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, is operating a COVID-19 vaccination clinic to keep clients, staff and the community safe.

Recently, a new team of student nurses joined Rainier’s vaccination team. The excited and energetic students are gaining practical nursing experience, while helping stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Adding the student nurses strengthens the COVID-19 fight because they are gaining knowledge and experience from the nurses and doctors who have been fighting COVID-19 for a year. Continuing their education in this capacity shows them that keeping DSHS in their future employment plans is a fulfilling career option.

Rainier School’s vaccination clinic, which began in late January, registered with the Department of Health to become a vaccine provider. Registering allowed the clinic to receive doses of the Moderna vaccine.

“Our successful vaccination clinic is the result of numerous helping hands from a multitude of departments,” said Megan DeSmet, superintendent. “We are wholeheartedly committed to transforming the lives of the clients we serve — and will continue to do so with the help of our staff, community and many valuable partnerships.”

To date, the Rainier School vaccination site has provided approximately 1,000 inoculations.

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