Meet Nickie Barker, Security Guard at Western State Hospital

By Western State Hospital Staff

Nickie Barker is a 13-year employee with Western State Hospital and works at the Control Center in Building 18.

Photo of Nickie Barker, security guard at Western State Hospital.

Her favorite part of working at WSH is assisting visitors with protocols and directions when they come to support patients. Nickie is one of the first smiling faces visitors see when they enter the campus.

And behind her big smile is an even bigger heart that holds a soft spot for serving others, especially youth.

“If I could learn to do anything, I would go to school to become a pediatric nurse,” Nickie said.

And one day she might, but for now she volunteers by tending to children and infants at Mary Bridge Hospital.

“To me, success is defined by the character you develop, the legacy you leave, caring for others, and generally being a good person.”

Given her attitude, it’s no surprise Nickie would choose to meet Michelle Obama if she had the opportunity. She said it’s because the former first lady is smart, loves children and puts her heart into her work. Nickie says her three defining traits are that she is honest, real and caring.

“Nickie is incredibly hardworking, dependable and has a positive attitude. She contributes consistently to the team, and is a great asset,” said colleague Martine Cooper. “Thank you, Nickie, for all you do to support the mission of Western State Hospital!”

When not at work, Nickie enjoys shopping on Amazon. And while she doesn’t claim it as a talent, she loves to go bowling.