Meet Gerardo Villegas, Food Service Worker at Western State Hospital

By Western State Hospital Staff

He’s worked only a few years at Western State Hospital, but food service worker Gerardo Villegas has an extensive background in restaurant services.

Photo of Western State Hospital food service worker Gerardo Villegas in front of a vivid colorful tile mosaic background
Gerard Villegas. Photo courtesy of Western State Hospital staff.

He believes in setting goals and working hard to achieve them, and prides himself on being helpful, organized and agreeable.

Gerardo’s coworkers said he stays busy and often works overtime, covering shifts for others. Gerardo said his father was the same way, and he looks forward to retiring in 10 years to spend more time relaxing with his grandchildren.

When he does have free time, Gerardo has fun with home remodeling projects such as painting and carpentry. He also enjoys running.

“I find it’s great medicine for both body and mind,” he said. Never one to shy way from hard work, and adding to his list of accomplishments, Gerardo has run a few marathons.

His supervisor shared that Gerardo is an exceptional staff member, always punctual and ready to accept any new task.

“He is an absolute pleasure to work with,” said Diedra Konelio. “His dedication to exceptional service was recently recognized by the staff on the wards on which he provides service.”