DSHS seeks one-year extension of State Plan on Aging

The Department of Social and Health Services plans to file a one-year waiver request to the Administration on Community Living (ACL), the federal source of funding for Older Americans Act grants, in an effort to better assess the current and future needs of older Washingtonians while continuing to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DSHS develops and publishes a comprehensive State Plan on Aging every four years. The current four-year plan is set to expire September 30, 2022. The Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, a division of DSHS, submits this plan with the purpose of:

· documenting achievements and planned activities related to Washington state’s long-term supports and services planning efforts;

· translating activities, data and outcomes into proven best practices to leverage additional funding;

· providing a blueprint for programs and services for older adults;

· and building capacity for long-term care efforts in Washington state.

In an effort to achieve these purposes and to better serve aging populations in Washington, DSHS is filing for a one-year extension. DSHS will use the extra time to continue to address the current needs of the pandemic, evaluate the most up-to-date census data (which has been delayed because of the public health emergency) and solicit greater input from community partners.

This release serves as a public notice of this waiver request and provides opportunity for public comment. If you would like to provide comment or seek further information, please contact Cameron Akita by email at cameron.akita@dshs.wa.gov or by phone at (360) 725–2466 (direct line), toll free 1–800–422–3263 or TTY 1–877–905–0454 by November 15, 2021.




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Department of Social and Health Services

Department of Social and Health Services

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