DSHS’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation introduces innovative artificial intelligence tool


New database helps answer questions and explain DVR policy in more accessible ways

Picture shows the DVR AI Knowledge Interpreter landing page, including some frequently asked questions.

Contact: Jessica Nelson, DSHS Office of Communications

Jessica.Nelson1@dshs.wa.gov or (360) 628–1043

OLYMPIA — DSHS’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Technology Innovation Administration have created a groundbreaking artificial intelligence chatbot tool to help employees better serve their customers with instant access to the laws, regulations, policies and guidelines of DVR. The DVR AI Knowledge Interpreter not only provides answers to questions, but also presents information in a user-friendly manner, ensuring greater accessibility and understanding.

Key features of the DVR Knowledge Interpreter include:

Information is a click away: The DVR Knowledge Interpreter allows users instant access to relevant information from the 600+ page customer manual, along with state and federal laws, policies and contracts, removing the need to sift through pages of material. The database is also a closed system, ensuring that only official, vetted sources are used.

Plain language answers: This tool provides easy-to-understand answers, ensuring that counselors and customers can access information without confusion or frustration.

Storytelling approach: The database can present the answers in the form of a story, making the content relatable and engaging. This enhances understanding and retention, so customers can better grasp the information provided.

Comprehensive citations: Along with each answer, the DVR Knowledge Interpreter provides citation links to where the answers come from, both in the customer handbook and relevant laws and regulations for the state of Washington.

Picture shows an example of an answer provided by the DVR Knowledge Interpreter, including a list of citations.
Example of a question and answer within DVR’s Knowledge Interpreter

“We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge tool, which is a reflection of our commitment to improving the customer experience,” says Interim DVR Director Cassi Villegas. “We are the first vocational rehabilitation agency to use artificial intelligence to make this type of database, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our colleagues in DSHS’ Technology Innovation Administration. Our goal is to make vital information easily accessible, helping people with disabilities to make informed decisions about their vocational rehabilitation journey.”

DSHS’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation operates under the vision that students, youth and adults with disabilities are empowered to dream big and achieve their employment goals. The DVR team believes everyone should have the opportunity to pursue meaningful work, and that employment further improves a person’s ability to live independently, make informed choices and contribute to one’s community.