DSHS’ Developmental Disabilities Administration celebrates Pride Month

The Developmental Disabilities Administration is committed to meeting those we serve and those with whom we serve without judgement or alienation. We recognize, celebrate and appreciate our LGBTQ+ identifying and affirming staff and commit, at the highest levels of leadership, to ensuring our LGBTQ workforce can bring their full and authentic selves to our offices. Individuals with developmental disabilities on the LGBTQ spectrum may experience stigma and discrimination, and struggle to connect with their peers, due in part to poor LGBTQ-inclusive services and supports. We have a responsibility to let them know that we celebrate and support them with the utmost respect. Join us in celebrating Pride Month by learning more, reaching out, looking within.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month Storytelling

We were excited to see overwhelming participation for the LGBTQ+ Pride Month Storytelling Sessions on June 16 and 23. Over 90 staff attended each session to hear the perspectives and stories of LGBTQ+ identifying and affirming staff within DDA who graciously shared their identities, experiences and perspectives. It is through authentic and vulnerable conversations that can lead to a culture of belonging here at DDA.

Check out the RAIN Pride Month Toolkit: The RAIN Best Practices group would like to provide a Pride Month Toolkit for you to use when planning activities to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. Participating in pride month is a small gesture to show LGBTQ+ identifying and affirming staff and clients that you support them, and an even bigger step towards creating a more respectful and inclusive environment year-round. Download Toolkit. There is also a special Pride Trivia powerpoint.