Combined Fund Drive results

The final numbers are in and once again DSHS employees have shown their generosity in many ways. The pandemic kept many staff working from home and the 24/7 staff working at the facilities. Everyone worked diligently to keep clients, families, communities and themselves safe from COVID. The 2021 Combined Fund Drive theme was ‘Unity with the Community.’ The following statistics showcase the DSHS CFD commitment to unity with our communities.

There were 15 individuals who volunteered to serve as co-leads for their administrations. They recruited a total of 217 local coordinators from local offices and facilities across the state. 48 fundraiser and goods drives events were held. The events were held on site, virtually or a hybrid.

The total DSHS pledge donors were 1982 and their cash and pledges raised $428,477. The estimated value for the goods drives was $17,420. DSHS’ participation rate was 12.93, an increase from 12.4 in 2020. Again, our CFD participation rate is higher than five other large agencies and the CFD overall. One remarkable statistic is the increase of recorded volunteer hours. DSHS staff logged 728 volunteer hours for the nonprofits they support. This number is larger than any other state agency, including the University of Washington.

Overall, pledges were slightly less than 2020. However, our staff donor numbers increased and more events were held in 2021 than in 2020. As staff begin to return to their locations and COVID care practices adjust, more events are expected to happen in 2022. Events are a way to promote teamwork, build morale and have fun while supporting various charities.

A special thank you to staff who supported the 2021 DSHS CFD campaign and helped its success. You are amazing. Your commitments to transforming lives via the CFD are appreciated. Please contact Bonnie Jacques for more information regarding the DSHS CFD and the 2021 campaign at



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