Brockmann Campus residential treatment facility begins to take shape


Hoffman Construction crews work on exterior finishes on one of the three buildings on the Brockmann Campus in Clark County, just outside Vancouver.

After decades as a small family hobby farm, the property at 16015 NE 50th Ave. in Clark County is beginning to be transformed as the Department of Social and Health Services carves out a space in Southwest Washington to give patients with a mental illness the opportunity to recover in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

The Brockmann Campus property supports recovery by providing views to open spaces, a connection to nature, and facilities that maximize an environment designed to support best clinical practices and provide safe settings for treatment to occur.

The property, which was rezoned from residential to business use in the early 1990s, is named after the Brockmann family, which sold it to DSHS in 2021.

Hoffman Construction, DSHS’s contractor for this project, started site development work in July 2023 and is now immersed in the construction phase. There are three separate buildings (also known as cottages) being constructed on the site: Cascara, Juniper and Madrone. Each will house 16 patients, for a total of 48 beds. Hoffman finished framing on building Juniper in March, and is now proceeding with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing /exterior work.

Throughout April, crews finished the second layer of roofing on Juniper during the wettest part of the year, which will allow the wood structure to dry out so work on it can continue during the late spring and summer months. Crews also completed framing on building Cascara and mechanical, electrical, plumbing /exterior work kicked off.

In May and June, crews will finish framing on building Madrone and mechanical, electrical, plumbing /exterior work will begin. Passersby will also see site improvements such as carports, mechanical pads, outdoor areas, and curbs and sidewalks start to take shape around the exterior of building Juniper. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in will be complete in both walls and ceilings of Juniper as well.

An interior room in one of the cottages.

While the initial direction from the Washington state Legislature called for DSHS to operate one of the 16-bed psychiatric facilities and the Health Care Authority to contract the operation of the other two 16-bed facilities, the 2023–2025 budget approved by the legislature and governor now directs DSHS to operate all three facilities. In other words, all 48 residents will be cared for by state staff, and DSHS will be the only state agency providing leadership and oversight of the facilities.

Construction on all three buildings is expected to be completed by early 2025, with the first patient arriving months later in the spring.