A message from the secretary about anti-Asian violence

The following is a message from DSHS Secretary Cheryl Strange:

It is with a mixed sense of discouragement and hope that I write to you this week with yet another opportunity for us to condemn the disturbing trend of anti-Asian violence in our country and indeed our state. The tragic deaths that occurred on Tuesday in Atlanta of eight people, including six Asian women, remind us during this Women’s History Month that there is much work to be done to combat sexism and racism in our world.

Many, including our Governor Jay Inslee, have spoken eloquently on the week’s event.

The Department of Social and Health Services stands in solidarity with all those who have been touched by this event and the rising incidents of anti-Asian violence in our country. I encourage all of us to continue to work toward a respectful, empathetic understanding and appreciation of one another.

Resources are available to help combat hurtful, horrific acts like those that have taken place in Atlanta and in Washington state, including bystander intervention training offered by the Washington Immigrant Network and tips from our Employee Assistance Program. Our DSHS Office of Diversity and Inclusion also has several resources that offer opportunities for a deeper understanding of anti-racism.

Thank you for your continued diligence in our shared work to become an anti-racist agency and for all you do to transform lives every day.





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